What if... you could WOW your audience with a 30-second elevator pitch?

It would make it easier to...

Tell your story to stand out in an interview or on social media.
Explain your idea to capture the excitement of your innovation.
Differentiate your business to set it apart from the competition.

Here's How Buzzuka Works

Left Brain

First, put your left brain to work on the key facts your message needs to logically tell your story.

Right Brain

Next, use your right brain to bring out your creativity and craft an imaginative "What if" statement .

Whole Brain

Now you've harnessed the power of your whole brain and created a short story known as the 30-second elevator pitch.

Buzzuka Tools

The Pitch Studio helps you easliy write your story using the power of your left and right brain.
"My Pitches" lets you manage all your pitches, profile and settings from a simple, one-stop dashboard.
The Directory lets you check out pitches, get found and connect with other Buzzuka members.

I tried Buzzuka today, and I have to say, I was very impressed. I have a pitch worksheet that I use to work through a similar process, but yours is very crisp and very easy to use.

Try the Pitch Studio and see how Buzzuka can help you make a lasting impression in 30 seconds or less.