A powerful 30-second elevator pitch makes it easier to...

Feel more confident in an interview or meeting.
Capture the excitement of your innovation.
Set your business apart from the competition.

Here's How Buzzuka Works

 Buzzuka leverages brain science to individually isolate the strengths of your left and right brain to help you solve problems like crafting a powerful 30-second elevator pitch.

Left Brain

First, put your left brain to work on the key facts your message needs to logically tell your story.

Right Brain

Next, use your right brain to bring out your creativity and craft an imaginative "What if" statement .

Whole Brain

Finally, harness the power of your whole brain to polish your short story known as the 30-second elevator pitch

Buzzuka In Action

The "Pitch Studio" helps you easily write your story using the power of your left and right brain.
Buzzuka paid members have access to "My Pitches" where you can save and manage your pitches.
We're here to help if you have any questions. Just head to the contact page and give us a shout.

Our 30-second elevator pitch

What if you had a powerful elevator pitch ready to go at a moment’s notice? You could explain yourself in an interview or on your social media profile, state your idea so that it captures the excitement of your innovation, and differentiate your business or organization from the competition. Every great endeavor starts with a great 30-second elevator pitch. Our pitch studio has already helped thousands of startups, companies and individuals distill complex ideas down to a simple explainer that gets to the heart of their story. Having an unstoppable elevator pitch is a powerful force for good results, so take command of your message and try Buzzuka today! You'll be amazed at how concise and articulate you can feel when you pitch yourself with the power of Buzzuka. That's our pitch. What's yours?

Our pitchers

Buzzuka members use a pitch every chance they get because they know that having a pitch at the ready is like having a marketing pro in their pocket. Buzzuka is great for small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing agencies, job-seekers, inventors, writers, and... YOU! From Millennials inventing themselves for the first time to Boomers busy re-inventing, a Buzzuka elevator pitch can get you 10x marketing results.

Our pricing

Buzzuka is FREE to members. Sign up, create and share an unlimited number of pitches. You will have full access to the Pitch Studio along with a private work space where you can save your pitches in "draft mode" and work on them whenever they need updating or enhancing without having to publish them to the pitch directory.

Our team

Our team is dedicated to the idea that everyone should be able to craft a powerful, professional pitch without the high price of a marketing consultant. So we put our marketing expertise to work on our world-class pitch studio. Now everyone can craft a professional-sounding elevator pitch in minutes -- anywhere, anytime -- and for free!

Our patent-pending formula helps you distill a boatload of information down to seven critical elements every audience seeks: five facts they need to know and two feelings they want to know. At Buzzuka, our marketing experts and technology geeks are working hard every day to make ours the best pitch platform in the world to help our members be the best in the cosmos at whatever they do. Our crew is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, led by brand marketing guru, Paula Satow. For decades, Paula has led her own successful marketing consultancy, Satow Strategies, LLC, where she helps companies—large and small—build their brands and their market buzz. Paula has always been passionate about helping every entrepreneur and job seeker create a powerful elevator pitch. To accomplish her dream, she and her team built Buzzuka, a web-based elevator pitch studio based on Paula's unique pitch-writing technique and expert guidance. While the world said it couldn't be done, Paula and her team never gave up. Jeff Carroll of Daystrom Creative Group, LLC and Doug Macy of Macy Creative round out the team, applying their design and development talents to help Paula bring Buzzuka to life and to market.