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Buzzuka Basics

Everyone needs a 30-second pitch to WOW their audience but they're not so easy to write. Buzzuka helps you discover your WOW factor and craft your spiel like a marketing pro in just a few minutes and for a lot less than hiring a consultant. And a powerful pitch is the starting point for every great endeavor. That's our pitch. What's yours?

In today's "140-character world," brevity is more important than ever. Marketing experts know that the best way to sell an idea is to explain what it is in a concise 30-second sound bite or "elevator pitch." Buzzuka's patent pending 3-step process helps you develop a powerful 30-second pitch in minutes.

In this increasingly complex and busy world, our messages often lack clarity, focus and excitement. Yet, that’s just what we need most to "sell" our skills, products, services and ideas. What's our secret sauce? The Buzzuka® Pitch Studio™ is a patent-pending message shortener that coaches you through a thoughtful process based on brain theory. Our unique and proven formula adds up to one powerful pitch.

  • Step 1 5 questions tap into your left brain to expertly coax out the must-have facts your audience will need to know: the "who, what, where, when" of your pitch.
  • Step 2 2 questions tap into your right brain to expertly coax out the must-have feelings your audience will want to know: the "why" of your pitch.
  • Step 3 Your 7 responses are automatically merged and organized for you into 1 powerful pitch. Just add a few finishing touches in this step to make it "pitch perfect."

What if you could write your 30-second elevator pitch like a marketing pro? With Buzzuka you can. Our pitch studio helps you organize your thoughts and capture the gist of your message in its simplest form—a short blurb known in business as the 30-second elevator pitch. Use your pitch to power your business meetings, sales and marketing materials, investor decks, websites and social media, creative writing and brainstorms, interviews, resumes…and more. At Buzzuka, we’re passionate about applying brain science so you can stop struggling with your message and capture what’s on your mind in just a few minutes. Once your little gem is pitch perfect, post it as a free ad to help build the buzz on the web and on Buzzuka. That’s our 30-second pitch. What’s yours

Buzzuka: The best place on earth to create, share and promote your 30-second elevator pitch.

Pitch: 30-second concise explainer or blurb with the power to intriguingly tell your story in such a way that can capture your audience’s attention in the time it takes for the average elevator ride...(a.k.a. "elevator pitch").

Pitcher: Buzzuka member with at least one pitch.

Pitch Studio: The Buzzuka® Pitch Studio™ is a do-it-yourself tool that guides you through a simple, three-step process—facts, feelings and finishes—to help you craft a powerful pitch.

Left Brain / Right Brain: The Pitch Studio uses patent-pending technology that is based on human brain theory. Our unique formula helps the member tap into the power of their left brain for the "facts" every audience needs to know and their right brain for the "feelings" every audience wants to know.

MyBuzzuka: MyBuzzuka is your home base on Buzzuka. It allows you to access everything you need to know about your pitches, profile information and account settings all in one place.

Published Pitch: A finished pitch with a unique pitch URL that you can share with one-button ease on the web and on social media.

Draft Pitch: Your draft pitch is an unfinished work. When your pitch is ready for prime time, simply click the PUBLISH button and it is ready for sharing and posting.

Pitch Page: A pitch-ready instant webpage / landing page that features your pitch.

Pitch Share: Instantly share your pitch on your favorite social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. .

Yes. When you update your pitch and re-publish it, it automatically updates for you on your unique pitch URL and that will populate wherever you shared it previously as long as that information is live on the web or in social media.

Legend has it that the term "elevator pitch" originated in the early days of Hollywood the when the lowly screenwriter had to sell a story idea to the movie mogul on the short elevator ride to the executive suite. These days, it's true more than ever that "less is more" when it comes to capturing an audience's imagination in a business meeting or an a sales pitch or a tweet. That's why everyone needs Buzzuka.

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