Get Your Buzz On

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The Marshall Plan

Get Your Buzz On
by Evan Marshall & Martha Jewett

Many writers have a hard time figuring out what’s different about their work and then expressing this in words. Yet being different is vital in today’s fiction writing world. Buzzuka is a fun, free way to develop and refine your buzz. We enjoyed working our way through the process. Here’s what we came up with: What if you had an easy way to write novels and get them sold? Beginning novelists need help conceiving, writing and selling their books. Let The Marshall Plan®’s structured approach to writing help you through the entire process. It’s the only formatted, step-by-step approach to fiction writing—a fun, easy way to get novels written and sold fast. We are passionate about helping people share their stories. That’s our “pitch.” And here’s our “blurb”: Evan Marshall and Martha Jewett are fiction writing experts who help people get salable novels written and sold fast. Give it a try for the fiction you write.


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