Perfect pitch is short and sweet

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Perfect pitch is short and sweet by <a title="Perfect pitch is short and sweet" href="ttp://coolintl viagra england" target="_blank">Cool International

What if you could cut through the clutter and truly position your new technology for success? What if you always knew the right thing to say whenever and wherever you needed it? What if you could own a hybrid vehicle that was beautiful inside and out? What if you could have an incredible driving experience every time you drove your Porsche? Imagine living in a city with the perfect blend of high culture and small town charm and beauty. Imagine if your new best friend could be made out of snow… What if? What if? What if? Imagine the possibilities.

So begin the sample sales pitches from Recognizing that we now live in the “140 character world,” the folks behind Buzzuka want to help you refine and reduce your sales pitch into a concise and “unique” message. For example, one featured pitch is, “Singer Construction is your friendly, neighborhood remodeling contractor. We not only build houses, we build relationships.” Right away, we learn that this construction company is unique in that it is building relationships. No need to wade through an essay about construction practices and techniques. Who has time for that? From Buzzuka’s point of view, a pitch worth its salt ought to be Tweetable.

Whether it’s a new product, a new company, a new idea for a product or the quest for a new job, your pitch should be able to stand the elevator test – get it done in an elevator ride. It isn’t clear on the optimum number of floors required for the perfect elevator pitch – 50 or 3. Regardless, Buzzuka wants to help you drill down to the most basic yet positive elements of your product, service or brand. They want to put “the power of pitch-making in the palm of your hands.” One example of a successful pitch is, “Intel inside.” The revelation may have actually come from a marketing executive’s viewing a box of Pop Tarts with “Smucker’s jelly inside.” Who would have thought?


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