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Have a new idea and can't get started? Buzzuka helps people and companies craft a succinct sound-bite packed with the power to quickly grab their audience’s attention. Your left brain provides the “What is…” facts and your right brain provides the “What if…” wow factor. Then Buzzuka brings it all together to make it pitch perfect and build the buzz. Get clarity with Buzzuka.

Pitch created with Buzzuka helps you to simplify your message Buzzuka™

Crystallize your thoughts and bring your project to light.

A 30-second elevator pitch makes it easier to...

Capture the excitement of your idea.

Build a plan of action.

Get any project kick started.

How Buzzuka Works

Now crafting your elevator pitch is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

Put your left brain to work on five key facts

Left Brain

Five simple questions let you tap into your left brain’s ability to bring focus and clarity to your logical “What is...” statement.

Put your right brain to work to describe your passionately

Right Brain

One simple question lets you tap into your right brain’s ability to bring creativity and coolness to your captivating “What if...” attention-grabber.

Bring it all together with your whole brain

Whole Brain

Buzzuka then magically combines all your responses into a powerful whole brain result that you can polish and make "pitch perfect".

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