About Buzzuka

Who are we and what are we about?

Taking you forever to write a simple 30-second elevator pitch? Don’t worry - you’re not alone. Business experts know that reducing their message down to an essential and memorable brand message can the hardest part of their job. Our team is dedicated to the idea that everyone should be able to craft a powerful, professional pitch without the high price of a marketing consultant. So we put our marketing expertise to work on our world-class pitch studio. Our unique formula lets you distill a boatload of information down to six critical elements essential to every elevator pitch: five facts they need to know and one feeling they want to know. Now everyone can craft a professional-sounding elevator pitch in minutes -- anywhere, anytime -- and for free!

The Buzzuka Mission

Helping you create a powerful 30-second elevator pitch so that people will listen

Our Pitch

What if you could simplify your message into a memorable sound bite with the power to truly grab your audience? Buzzuka merges proven marketing know-how with the power of brain science to help you craft a powerful 30-second elevator pitch. Your left brain provides the “What is” facts and your right brain provides the “What if” feelings. Then Buzzuka magically brings it all together to help you make it pitch perfect. Put a marketing pro in your pocket with Buzzuka.

Our Pitchers

Since 2010, Buzzuka has been helping people and companies all over the world craft a powerful 30-second elevator pitch. Buzzuka is great for career builders, small business owners, startup entrepreneurs, marketing agencies and... YOU! No matter who you are, a Buzzuka elevator pitch can get you get 10x results.

Our Purpose

The Buzzuka elevator pitch studio is FREE to all! Just jump in and craft a pitch – anywhere, anytime. We created Buzzuka as a labor of love because we dream of a world where everyone can better express themselves through the power of a powerful 30-second pitch. Your generous donations will help us keep the lights on and the pitch studio free forever.


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